Jaredecus was a wealthy emperor. He wasn’t at war or doing anything that would use an excessive amount of money. He gathered money then in several ways. One way was by building man colosseums. None of them were as grand as the original but they still had many of the functions. He used many slaves to build these. The worked cheaply and efficiently. He treated them well so they did well and built quality things.

     Once the theatres were up they instantly pulled in money. People couldn’t get enough. Even the poorest of familys would go at least once a month. The more he made the more he built.

     The other was that Jaredecus made money was through a standard tax. He simply charged every family 10% of there monthly income. He had tax collectors go into villages and take the money. This worked quite well until people started getting annoyed.

      When he first put it out he people got angry with him even though it was a rather small tax. He decided to compensate with the people and lower the entry fee to the colosseum. People then went about their daily lives regularly and didn’t complain much more even though Jaredecus was making more than ever.


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